Nigerian Police Arrest 31-year-Old Fake Army Colonel

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Written by Ayomide

31-year-old Harry Perry Obiajuru, presented above, has been by the Lagos state police direction for professedly strutting himself as an armed force colonel to attack and blackmail clueless individuals from the general population.

As per The Guardian, Obiajuru who runs around with two troopers going about as his orderlies, raged a lodging in Shasha in February this year to constrain four young people who declined to pay subsequent to burning through four evenings there. They were affirmed to have beaten the young people (three guys and a female) with horsewhip before hauling them out of the inn, when they asserted they were not with money.

They purportedly constrained the young people to utilize the inn’s POS to pull back N15,000 out of the N18,000 owed. Oneself acclaimed military men were asserted to have gathered their telephones and workstation instead of the equalization of N3,000.

In any case, the air pocket burst after Obiajuru visited a companion’s appreciated gathering in Shasha two weeks back, where he was gone up against by the adolescents who distinguished him and slid on him. He was nearly being lynched when policemen from Shasha division arrived the scene and whisked him to the station.

Amid starter examination, he was found to be a phony military man. Encourage examination uncovered that the two troopers he for the most part went out with had for quite some time been rejected from the power.

Amid cross examination, Obiajuru who professed to be the facilitator of Harry Foundation, a philanthropy association situated in Shasha, denied taking on the appearance of a colonel. Or maybe, he said individuals just called him colonel since a few individuals from his family were in the military.

“I am not a colonel and the warriors being referred to are not my orderlies. They (fighters) acquired an auto to me February this year that they needed to offer. I reached one of my close relatives, who said I ought to bring the auto, a Lexus for her to see. I took the auto to her in organization of the warriors, however she said it was too little that she required a SUV. On our way back I got a call from a companion who said his sister, proprietor of New Moon lodging was in trouble. When we arrived, we found that a few tenants declined to pay her for the four evenings they spent. The fighters slammed into the entryway of the room they were nevertheless the young people declined to open, until the point when the troopers reported they were there with their supervisor, a colonel.

“When they opened the entryway, the officers whipped them with horsewhip. They could just pay N15,000 while one of the officers paid the parity of N3000. Consequently, he gathered the things from the young people and drove off. While there, I got a call from the companion that prior called me to spare his sister. He trained me to discount every one of the things to the young men that they had gone to the inn to raise hell.

“Instantly, I headed to where the officers were nevertheless they just gave me a workstation and ran with the rest things. Be that as it may, the young men continued mounting weight on the proprietor of the lodging, consequently compelling me to go search for the warriors at Ojo garisson huts to gather the seized things from them however I was told they were not there. It was the point at which I got to Badagry military quarters that the leader revealed to me the troopers had been rejected from the power.

“At the point when the strain to restore the seized thing wound up insufferable, I was requested to pay N300,000, assessed as cost of the seized things. By March 2018, I paid N150,000 out of sum and I was surrendered till July to pay the equalization. Be that as it may, I made a trip to the town and returned toward the finish of August. To my stun, the young men called cultists to slip on me when I went to a companion’ s party”.

Clarifying where he got the pump activity riffle, he said a companion offered it to him. Likewise got some information about the military cover tops and the horsewhip, he said the officers left it inside a sack they overlooked amid their last gathering. On the UN plate cover allow, he guaranteed he made it amid a seven-year intentional peace-keeping mission as an onlooker.

It was accumulated that the suspect, who was exchanged from Shasha division to the Federal Special Anti Robbery Squad (FSARS), Lagos State Command, had been charged to court.

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