Man burns 13-year-old niece’s face, breasts with hot iron over missing 3000 Naira

brs - Man burns 13-year-old niece's face, breasts with hot iron over missing 3000 Naira
Written by Ayomide

A specific Mr. Sunday Effiong supposedly consumed his 13-year-old niece with an iron in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, over their neighbor’s missing cash.

As indicated by a Facebook client, distinguished as Ebipre, after so much circuit, the neighbor in the end discovered his cash where he kept it. Read full story underneath:


The violent picture above is that of a young lady of thirteen years of age from Akwa Ibom express that lives with her uncle, one Mr Effiong Sunday at Brass road Etegwe Yenagoa Bayelsa State.

On Tuesday fifth September 2018 the young lady was blamed for taking three thousand naira from her nearby neighbor. In the wake of addressing and cross examination from her Uncle (Mr Sunday Effiong) the young lady said she didn’t take any cash.

The uncle demanded that she should disclose to him reality and he began whipping her brutally. Later he expelled her materials and began consuming her with a hot squeezing Iron that she should let him know the whereabout of the cash. As indicated by the young lady, he kept on consuming her face and bosom with the hot squeezing Iron and she acknowledged she stole the cash under pressure.

The excruciating side of the story is that the neighbor in the long run discovered his cash where he kept it.

In spite of the wounds he dispensed on the young lady, her uncle didn’t try to take her to the doctor’s facility for treatment.

The next morning being Friday 7 September, neighbors began scowling and spreading the story subsequent to seeing the wounds on the young lady.

The data got to Mr Numoipre Benson Ayah, Tony Owei Angagha and my lower self and we chose to perceive what we could do to encourage the young lady.

We reached DO FOUNDATION, a NGO that is into CHILD ABUSE and other related issues led by Barrister Dise Ogbesi Sheila and her second Excel Bright.

The young lady was taken to the Ekeki police headquarters. Mr Sunday Effiong and his significant other were welcomed for cross examination by the Gender Desk Office.

The young lady is presently accepting treatment in the healing facility Courtesy of DO FOUNDATION.

While we anticipate equity we say a major thank you to lawyer Dise ogbesi Sheila and Excel splendid of DO FOUNDATION for their quick mediation, we likewise say a major thank you to the police, specialists and others that are worried in the young lady’s predicament.

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